You’re probably wondering…

What have I stumbled upon?

An epic adventure of delicious proportions.

Ok. Maybe.

At the very least a blog about food.

Who’s David?

I’m a 25 year old software developer. I like long walks on the beach, puppies… Wait. Wrong site.

No, seriously. My name is David and I’m a 25 year old software developer in the bay area. While the above about me is also true, I like the food. Ok. Like is something of an understatement. I like food. I’m basically a fat kid trapped in a slightly less fat kids body.

I don’t believe in gourmets. You know that pretentious dude who only eats obscure imported cheese? I ate him.

I don’t believe in stocking your pantry with rare international truffles. Locally sourced fresh ingredients are my go to when I’m hungry.

I do believe in earnest delicious things that anyone can make. If Tam can cook, so can you.

So why a blog?

This blog is the evolution of a facebook album I’ve been posting pictures of things I’ve cooked and eaten to. The problem with the album is that there just isn’t enough space in the caption area to create the experience I want. I don’t want you to just see the slice of pie. I want you to smell it. I want you to taste it.

Do you really cook and eat everything you post here?

If there’s a pic I’ve ate it. If there’s a recipe I’ve made it.

What am I as a reader getting into?

  • Food porn. Lots.
  • Simple and delicious recipes. Sometimes you’d be surprised how something where you thought “you fancy huh?” was really just a few good ingredients prepared plainly and presented in an elevated manor.
  • Basic technique. I believe that everyone should be able to feed themselves and if I can help you do that I’m more than willing to try.
  • Pro-tips. In gaming a pro tip is a serendipitous hint to not dying or losing often discovered by amateurs and shared in forums. These happen in real life too and especially with food.
  • Stories. I think food is integral to life and you can’t talk about food without talking about your life and where you’ve come from.

So that’s a big menu. You making guarantees?

I can’t really guarantee anything on that list except the last item. I’ll do my best to deliver on the rest and from there lets see where we end up. Hopefully it’ll be somewhere delicious.


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